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Poverty is Self-Violence by Sherin Benjamin

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Poverty is the worst form of violence.” As many of us are able to access this blog on the internet, we are privileged to reap the benefits of the environment we live in. According to a Times of India report, “44 Indians come out of extreme poverty every minute.” This shows that there are great improvements for the country with the fastest economy in the world.

Being in poverty is already a negative stigma. This affects the person mentally, which can affect them socially and emotionally. Education facilitates important skills and increases earning capabilities which allows people to get out of poverty. Due to COVID-19 and the 21 day lockdown, millions have become jobless and unable to support their families. In places where poverty is extreme, they are considered “breeding grounds” for COVID-19. Sanitation like toilets and constant supply of water is unavailable. If those in poverty have the opportunity to learn about viruses and sanitation, they may be able to take or afford precautions.

Poverty stems from the need of basic necessities which makes education a distant dream. Regardless of Indian laws that prevent child labor, most children in poverty are forced to work instead of school to support their family. The rate of infant mortality is extremely high in India which also goes to show that there is a clear inability to afford or have access to doctors or hospitals. Education, even if it does not result in a high school or college education, is still important to defeat poverty. India is considered a developing country. Education in the simplest ways like agriculture, health, and social studies can affect a person's life and increase their earning capabilities.

Poverty is a condition in which no human is meant to live in. It is simply harsh and inhumane. As we continue to gain in wealth and education, we must take the softness in our heart and support organizations that work to remove extreme poverty. Education is undoubtedly the way to eradicate poor living conditions.

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