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Project EdIndia: Update #1

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

We have had a busy few weeks with getting our project underway! We want to be sure that even nonvolunteers have an idea of what’s happening internally. We hope that these weekly updates help everyone understand our new announcements!



The coordination team is busy preparing for their second weekly webinar on the topic of health! Our innovative design team met up and thought of subtopics for Health, and came up with 6 interesting presentations that will be discussed at 9 PM EST on our partner's instagram account: @namaskar_globalclass! The topics are Basic emergency responses (what to do if...), Bad habits (alcohol, tobacco), Wound care (disinfection), Importance of Sleep, Coronavirus care (social distancing, washing hands, mask), and basic anatomy (body systems, organs, etc.)! We will be promoting Namaskar With Love's help throughout this project, and our live event will act as a birthday surprise for Mr. Santosh Talaghatti, the founder of Namaskar With Love! Stay tuned for more updates on our weekly webinars and please attend the one we have today, Saturday July 4th at 9 PM EST!


Media and Marketing!

Media and Marketing (or M&M, as we refer to it) has ben busier than ever. The department has a meeting scheduled tomorrow for featuring our dedicated volunteers on our Instagram account! Giving Teens is almost at 700 followers, and our goal is 1,000! The team is also planning on going through guidelines and assessing the communication platforms for constant improvement. The M&M team is going to be asking everyone to promote Giving Teens on their personal accounts to make sure that our platform is well acknowledged. M&M also created an amazing system for assignments. Our YouTube channel is ready for uploads, and we have an exciting announcement for designers! Keep an eye out for our newsletter coming out soon!



We have been arranging leadership positions and pumping out tons of content. While everything is still in a state of unknownness due to the pandemic, this team is our most popular and has been given many assignments through our workspaces. Live sessions will happen soon!



We are so incredibly excited to roll out a few new collaborations with youth-led organizations to deliver amazing programs to the kids in India. We have started developing curriculum with:

  • The Big Sisters Project: BSP has been amazing and supportive of our project. They will be working with our volunteers to create a business and design curriculum to ensure that the all of the students are exposed to new fields.

  • Nova Network: Nova will be helping us with a research and science curriculum, since that field is the future! The curriculum is comprehensive and an amazing collaboration between our organization.

  • Leaders in Wildlife Conservation: LIWC has been a relatively new collaboration, and they will help create information about the importance of the environment, climate change, animal conservation, respecting nature, and more!

  • Coding4Kids Nonprofit: C4K is developing coding curriculum for the older grades and Scratch for the younger kids! We will be teaching HTML, Python, and CSS.



Our fundraising team has successfully raised over $700! We are incredibly grateful for them and for anyone who has donated, and we hope to reach $1,000 soon! Our quarter 1 profits will be going to purchasing backpack and masks for kids in India. We will be purchasing these supplies soon, and our partner, Namaskar with Love, will be handling materials distribution. Our quarters operate as 500 USD groups what we will devote to various causes. Our second quarter plans are going toward purchasing pads for girls in rural villages, as well as developing a handbook to educate people about periods and decrease the taboo around them. We are also planning on doing many exciting events to increase our donations. If you have not donated, please consider doing so and share it with as many people as possible! If you have any ideas or questions about fundraising, DM @givingteens on Instagram or the contact form on our site.


New department alert: Blog writers!

We have introduced a brand new part of our organization: blog writing! Our writers have been creating amazing content! Please go to the blog and read Shrikar and Stuti’s blog posts. We plan on posting on our blog as often as possible. Our blog posts will have a variety of content, from addressing educational issues to the impact Giving Teens is having on education in India. We want topics about many different topics about India. India is a nation of beautiful colors and people, so we want to highlight the good and the bad. If you are interested in writing or want to suggest a topic, leave a comment down below, DM us, or contact us from our form!


Board updates!

The Giving Teens board has been hard at work, planning events, managing our Slack, securing collaborations, and so many more exciting things! We hope that you are interested in our project, and we thank you for reading through everything. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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