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The Start of Something New: Project EdIndia

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hello! We are a group dedicated to spreading the movement to educate children worldwide, through projects. Our first voluntary project, Project Edindia, is currently in the works! We have interviewed and gathered our group of 100 volunteers who will help us achieve our dreams by helping children in rural areas of India. We have divided these volunteers into four teams, media and marketing, coordination, fundraising and tutoring. Currently, we are working through the digital marketing phase!

Our partner, Namaskar with Love, is helping us reach the children we aspire to. Through their incredible project directors, we are creating live webinars, workshops, and lessons. We are conducting these sessions through not only our Instagram account, but also our partner's account, @namaskar_globalclass. Our volunteers and board members are producing some interesting live webinars on the overall theme of "bias". We will be releasing dates for these events very soon!

By the end of our program (60 days) our volunteers are working seamlessly to reach our goal of $5,000. Please help us by donating $15 to support our cause. The funds raised from this project will go with the Namaskar With Love Foundation, which will be our partners, to provide more educational resources, backpacks, technology, etc. for rural Indian schools. Your support and funds mean a lot to us and the children who will benefit from it. Thank you very much for dedicating a small part of your day to reading about our project. It really means a lot to us and our group that we are able to reach out to the public and bring change. Stay tuned for more posts from our board members on upcoming events, news and updates!

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